Grandpa Benny: Science Stories For Kids

The Grandpa Benny series of stories are written for children of ages 3-10, with the aim entertaining these youngsters while introducing them to significant achievements in the history of science, exploration and adventure.

These books offer a friendly and fun-filled learning environment appropriate for both school and home use, and provide the seeds for inquisitive kids to discover world events.

The Stories

Grandpa Benny Flies To The Moon

In his long and distinguished career as a postman, Grandpa Benny has travelled the world and has been involved in many exciting adventures. In the story Grandpa Benny Flies to the Moon, Benny unwittingly joins the Apollo 11 team on their epic journey to the moon and plays a hero's role in the completion of this historic mission.

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Grandpa Benny and the Pirates of the Galapagos

Grandpa Benny joins the famous naturalist Charles Darwin on a trip to explore the Galápagos Islands where they encounter strange and wonderful creatures, are attacked by vicious pirates, and are rescued by one of the extraordinary local inhabitants.

Go To Story: English, Russian, Hebrew.

Grandpa Benny visits the North Pole

Join Grandpa Benny in an exciting and adventurous journey to the Arctic Circle, where he crosses the icy landscape on a sled, experiences the Inuit lifestyle, and survives a nasty encounter with a huge polar bear.

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Grandpa Benny Flies in a Hot Air Balloon

Grandpa Benny accidentally joins French novelist Jules Verne in a hot air balloon as they float over Africa, where they enjoy an extraordinary adventure and have an up-close experience with some of the wonderful animals that inhabit the great continent.

Go To Story: English, Russian, Hebrew.

Grandpa Benny and the Wright brothers

Grandpa Benny meets the gifted and inspiring Wright brothers as they attempt to fly the world's first engine-powered aircraft. Not all goes smoothly, and Benny's bravery helps solve a sticky encounter with some robbers.

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Grandpa Benny goes to School

Grandpa Benny goes to great lengths to help Sophie Germain attend the prestigious 'Ecole Polytechnique', a school that was closed to women in the days when girls were not readily accepted for studies. Sophie became a famous mathematician, and her courage and determination served as an example to other women looking to study maths and the sciences.

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Grandpa Benny And The Robots

Grandpa Benny and Danil, a robotic vacuum cleaner, visit a car factory - and discover that a mean Robot named Giskard has taken over the factory.

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Edwin Terek - Producer

Alex Pritsert - Producer

Ran Levi - Author, Developer

Anton Bandarenka - illustrator

David Gavin - Narration

Eduardo Rayn - Translation & Narration

Gideon Hack - Editing

Alesya Ugolkova - Editing

AV Records - Music & Effects